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11 May 2024 – Heritage Speaker Series: “Communing with the Dark Side” – a talk by Dr. Michael Heppell on Borneo’s Masks and Masquerades which discussed the different masquerade cultures of the major ethnic groups of Borneo. Dr. Michael Heppell has studied Iban adat and child rearing practices, as well as those of the Bidayuh and Ukit and their social organisation. Venue: Borneo Cultures Museum. Attendance: 85 persons [flyer]

9 Dec. 2023 – SHS Heritage Speakers Series: “Preserving our Underwater Heritage” by Dr. Azmi Hassan (Geostrategist/Research Fellow at Nusantara Academy for Strategic Research (NASR), Geoffrey Lee (scuba divers and underwater photographer) and Jimmy Yong (founder of Miri Divers). The speakers broached the topic of protection of underwater heritage, under both angles of cultural heritage (shipwrecks and other historical underwater heritage…) and natural heritage (marine biodiversity, pollution…). This was SHS’s first talk in Miri. The event was supported by the Sarawak Ministry of  Tourism, Creative Industry and Performing Arts and attended by Mr. Adam Yee, Miri Mayor. Attendance: 23 persons. [flyer].
A recording of the meeting in available on Geoffrey Lee’s YouTube channel [Dr Asmi Hassan’s talk starts at 00:01:50; Geoffrey Lee’s and Jimmy Yong’s talk starts at 00:23:30]

26 Nov. 2023 – SHS Heritage Speakers Series: “Origins of the Carpentry in the Brooke Rajahs’ Timber Forts” by Dr John Ting, University of Canberra (Australia). Dr Ting delved into the origins – which range from Malay to Straits Chinese- of the carpentry of the Brooke era timber forts. The event was supported by the Sarawak Ministry of  Tourism, Creative Industry and Performing Arts. Venue: Borneo Cultures Museum. Attendance: 60+ persons. [flyer]

25 Nov. 2023 – SHS Heritage Speakers Series: “Preserving Indigenous Knowledge of Melanau Traditional Healing Rituals” by Muhammad Faiz, UNIMAS (University of Malaysia – Sarawak) post graduate student. The speaker presented his findings on traditional healing as practiced by two remaining Melanau active healers. This talk was a collaboration with  ‘The Hearth Brought to Light – Food over Fire‘ 2023 Festival What Matters Sdn Bhd. Venue: Borneo Cultures Museum. Attendance: 15 persons. [flyer 1] [flyer 2]

22 Oct 2023 – SHS Heritage Speakers Series: “Uncovering the Story of the Mythical Red Bridge at Kampung Seropak” by Ib Larsen (Mr.). The story of an almost forgotten  steel suspension bridge in the remote forest of Bau District,  known to some local villagers of Kampong Seropak and rediscovered by some outsiders around 2005. Mr. Ib Larsen, from Denmark,  resided in Sarawak for 7 years in the early 2000’s on a professional assignment  The Sarawak Ministry of  Tourism, Creative Industry and Performing Arts, which supported the event, was represented by Dr Elena Chai. Venue: Telang Usan Hotel. Attendance: circa 60 persons. [flyer]

26 Aug 2023 – SHS Heritage Speakers Series: “New Lease Of Life: Repurposing the Old“: Three speakers – Shin Tseng, Shin Chang and Rosemarie Wong-Jabu shared their work in transforming iconic old buildings in Kuala Lumpur and Kuching for contemporary use without destroying their unique characters. Shin Tseng and Shin Chang are the co-founders of REXKL and run their designs firm in KL, Urban Agenda Design and Mentah Matter respectively. Datin Rosemarie Wong-Jabu is the owner, creative and project director of the Ranee Artisan Gallery and restored the Marian Boutique Lodging House in Kuching. Venue: Borneo Cultures Museum. [Flyers]

15 April 2023 – SHS Heritage Speakers Series: “Bergendang and its Spatial Use in The Traditional Sarawak Malay House“, by Yon Syafni, architect and lecturer at UNIMAS. Bergendang is a musical performance unique to Sarawak Malays involving pantun (Malay verse) and dancing that was often held during traditional social gatherings in houses. The talk described how the spaces in the traditional Sarawak Malay house is used to accommodate the bergendang culture and how that has affected the house form. It also discussed the complex interactions and changes between culture and behaviour in Sarawak’s traditional Malay Society prior to the 1960’s and how this influenced the built environment. Venue: Borneo Cultures Museum. Attendance: 95 persons. [Flyer].

18 March 2023 – SHS supported the 5th edition of the Kuching Heritage Race (a Kuching Heritage Awareness Society initiative) by sponsoring two racing teams which accommodated boys from the Salvation Army Kuching Girls Home and Boys Home.

01 March 2023 – SHS Heritage Speakers Series: “Surviving the Sword“: a recounting of a prisoner of war (POW)’s experience during the Japanese occupation. Len Hygate was taken prisoner in Singapore in 1942 and brought to Batu Lintang Camp in 1943, and then to Puak Camp to work on building the road to the Tegora mercury mine until he was liberated in 1945. Colin Hygate, his son, told us how he survived the years of hard labour and deprivation. Venue: Telang Usan Hotel. Attendance: 79 persons. [Flyer]

18 Dec. 2022 – SHS Heritage Speakers Series: “Heritage Conservation and Adaptive Reuse”, a special year-end event with talks by Ar. Tan Bee Eu, Ar. Au Tai Yeow, hailing from Penang and Ar. Rosli bin Haji Nor. Venue; Borneo Cultures Museum. Event supported by the state Ministry of Tourism, Creative Industry and Performing Arts with collaboration from Jabatan Muzium Sarawak and Borneo Cultures Museum. Venue: Borneo Cultures Museum. Attendance: 73+ persons. [flyer] [Event Programme].

16 Oct. 2022 – Site visit to Sarawak listed heritage building ‘Darul Kurnia‘ -now part of Chung Hua School No. 4- built in the 1930’s by Dato Pattinggi Abang Abdillah, a descendant of Datu Patinggi Ali and an influential leader who spearheaded the movement opposing the cession of Sarawak to the British Empire after WWII. The house was a gathering place for peaceful protests during the anti-cession movement. The visit was led by SHS President James Yong, with the participation of descendants of Dato Pattinggi Abang Abdillah who shared the history of the house and of their ancestor. Event was for SHS members.  Attendance: 52 persons.

10 Oct. 2022 – ‘History of Sarawak’ presentation by SHS President J.Yong at a YPO (Young Presidents Organisation) forum in Kuching.

21 Aug. 2022 – SHS Heritage Speakers Series: “The Realm Between: A Conversation About The Healing Ritual and Unique Culture of the Melanau” by Ms Diana Rose and Dr Rolf Schömer. Venue: Borneo Cultures Museum. Venue: Telang Usan Hotel. Attendance: 67 persons.  [flyer]

14 Aug. 2022 – SHS Members’ Night [SHS Members Night invitation poster]. Venue: Telang Usan Hotel. Attendance: 38 persons.

30 July 2022 – SHS Heritage Speakers Series: “Urban Renewal Through Built Heritage Conservation“, public talk by Ar. Lim Take Bane, at the Borneo Cultures Museum (co-hosted with Sarawak Museum Department). Venue: Telang Usan Hotel. Attendance: 90+ persons. [ flyer ]

16 July 2022 – Site visit of the recently restored 1894 Mill Hill block of St Joseph Secondary School, Kuching, a Sarawak gazetted heritage building. The visit, hosted and guided by James Chen, acting principal, and Donald Lam and Christopher Chua, members of the school’s board of management, was attended by 10 SHS members.

08 July 2022 – “Sarawak Endangered Heritage“, public web talk by SHS President James Yong as part of the Badan Warisan Malaysia talk series “Spotlight on Sarawak”. 135 persons attended.  [flyer]

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29 June 2022 – Introductory meeting of SHS working group on the design of a War Heritage Trail (led by SHS Committee member Angelina Jong)

28 June 2022 – Visit  to Tun Jugah Foundation with a delegation from the Singapore Heritage Board (SHS President and Vice President)

28 May 2022 – SHS Heritage Speakers Series: “Splendors of Malay Textiles“, public web talk by John Ang. Attendance: ~65 persons. [flyer]

9 Apr. 2022 – SHS Heritage Speakers Series: “Genealogy and Heritage“, public web talk by Dr Chan Lek Lim. Attendance: 70 persons. [flyer]

11 March 2022 – Priority group visit, for SHS members, of the newly opened Borneo Cultures Museum,  [flyer]

11 Dec. 2021- SHS Heritage Speakers Series: “Dragons in the Waters of Borneo“, public web talk by Dr. Monica Janowski. Attendance: 85 persons. [flyer]

29 March, 1 Apr. 2021 – Members of SHS gave a briefing and led an observation stroll on the history & heritage of the Petanak and Blacksmith Road area of Kuching to students and lecturers from the Faculty of Built Environment, UNIMAS (Universiti Malaysia Sarawak). This was followed on 1 April by a meeting of SHS Exco members with Dean Prof Ar NurAkmal and members of the UNIMAS Faculty of Built Environment to explore further collaboration opportunities.

20-22/11/2019 – Two SHS Committee members attended the BIMP-EAGA (Borneo-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines East Asia Growth Area) ‘BUDAYAW Colloquium‘ that took place at the Old Court House complex, Kuching as part of a BIMP-EAGA Budayaw Festival. The Colloquium focused on arts and culture in the region. Among the speakers were CraftHub Malaysia Director Heidi Munan (on material culture and tourism) and Jacqueline Fong (Tanoti Malaysia), both SHS members.

14 Nov. 2019 – SHS public sharing session on UNESCO’s ‘Memory of the World” programme further to SHS’s participation in a workshop called by Pustaka Negeri Sarawak on the latter programme mid-October 2019. Attendance: 24 pax.

12 October to 10 November 2019 – Five SHS Heritage strolls “Kuching’s law and order under the Brooke Rajahs”:  a new stroll developed by SHS committee member and volunteer guide Paul Gerarts. The strolls were SHS’s input to the WAK (What About Kuching) festival 2019. Total attendance: 89 pax. [Flyer] [On 9 Aug. 2019 SHS manned a stall at the event to introduce the WAK 2019 Festival at the Old Court House].

October 2019 – SHS supported the publication of the “Ho Nuen Foh, Tinsmiths“, a booklet by SHS member Charlotte Hunter by providing a Foreword by SHS President DS Robert Jacob Ridu.

25-28 Sept. 2019 – The ‘International Conference on Archaeology 2019: Promoting Archaeology as Heritage Tourism‘ (Miri) was attended by a SHS Committee member.

25 Sept. 2019 – SHS Heritage Speakers Series: “The Sarawak Forest Supermarket“, public talk by Dr Katharine (Kit) Pearce [announcement flyer]

15 Aug, 2019 – Several SHS members attended the Tan Sri Datuk Gerusin Lembat Memorial Series Lecture ‘Revisiting the Battles of Bitik Sadok: War, peace and progress of Saribas Iban 1850-1950‘ by Dr Peter Kedit at Tun Jugah Foundation (on-invitation lecture).

29 and 31 Jul 2019 – SHS committee members had sharing sessions with a group of members of the Taiping Heritage Society who were on a visit ot Kuching. Memos were exchanged.

16 July 2019 – SHS Heritage Speakers Series: “Sarawak’s Unique Tradition of Timber Shophouses” by Dr John Ting, Assistant Professor, Univ. of Canberra, Australia. Co-organized with Friends of Sarawak Museum (FoSM) [handout]

9 July 2019 – SHS Committee sharing session with Ms Koo Salma, Penang Heritage Trust

5, 12 & 13 July 2019 – Heritage Strolls by SHS volunteer guide and committee member Paul Gerarts

21 June to 7 July 2019 – Kuala Lumpur Architecture Festival  (KLAF) 2019

10 June 2019 – Heritage Stroll for German visitors  by Committee members Paul Gerarts and John Chin

30 Apr. 2019 – 13th SHS Annual General Meeting

23 Apr. 2019 – Sharing session on cultural heritage with UNIMAS (University Malaysia Sarawak) students at the occasion of the UNIMAS Heritage Week. By SHS Committee members John Chin and Nicole Chan.

May 2018 to March 2019 – Six guided Kuching Heritage walks by Paul Gerarts, SHS volunteer guide (additonal to the below-mentioned ‘WAK’ strolls) . Total attendence: 89 pax.

11 Apr. 2019 – SHS Heritage Speakers Series: “Civil Society and Sustainable Heritage“, public talk by Dr Chua Ai Lin, VP and Executive Director, Singapore Heritage Society, and Mr. Fauzy Ismail. [poster] and SHS Committee sharing session with Dr Ai Lin Chua.

13 March 2019 – Sharing session : “Reviving the Magic of Chinese Opera“, by SHS VP James Yong and SHS member John Soo and members of the Yi Sing Fukien Dramatic Association (Kuching). [poster] [20190313 SHS ChinOpera handout 1 – pdf 67Mb] [20190313  YSDA Prez – pdf 15Mb]

20 Feb. 2019 – Two SHS Committee members attended a presentation of the new Sarawak Museum Campus projected exhibitions

February 2019 – Several SHS members were interviewed on heritage related topics in the shooting of “Jateman” and “Colour of Sarawak”, a series of travel documentaries for a Malaysian TV channel.

8 Nov. 2018 – Media Conference : launch ofHeritage Quest campaign.

18 Nov. 2018 – Media Release on the Old Kuching Railway terminus further to the ‘rediscovery’ of old railway tracks at sewerage worksite.

Oct. 2018 (06, 07, 13, 27, 28) – (6) “Strolls through Sarawak’s Very Unique History: The Brooke Rajahs“, by SHS volunteer guide Paul Gerarts, in partnership with the Brooke Trust and in conjunction with the WAK Festival. Total attendence: 82 pax. [poster]

11 Aug 2018 – “Misc. Heritage News’ Feb.-July 2018  e-bulletin published.

29 Jul. 2018 –  Exploratory discussion meeting between SHS Committee members and representatives of St James’ Church at Quop on the idea of a fund rising event for the conservation of the old timber church. The level of priority allocated by the local stakeholders to the conservation of the church appeared unclear.

02 June 2018 – Talk/Visit to Ramsey Ong studio, Kuching (SHS members-only event).

20 May 2018 – Launch of “SHS Community” (WhatsApp) chatgroup (joining on ‘opt-in’ basis – open to all).

09 March 2018 – SHS Heritage Speakers Series: Public talk: “Endangered Arts of Sarawak”, a public talk By Edric Ong, award Malaysian designer and expert in natural dye textiles, fashion and crafts.

13 Feb. 2018 – SHS Heritage Speakers Series: Public talk on the Japanese WW2 shipwrecks off Sarawak coast: what they are, what happened to them, and the need to preserve what is left of them – a public talk by Ernest Teo, diving instructor and SHS Vice President.

11 Jan 2018 – SHS Heritage Speakers Series: Heritage management in urban rejuvenation programmes;  and conservation GIS (Geographical Information Systems)  – Think City Sdn Bhd  experience – a public talk by Matt Benson, Programme Director, Technical Services, Think City, and Dr. Ceelia Leong, Think City Fellow, Conservation and GIS specialist.  (for members).

5 Dec. 2017 – SHS Heritage Speakers Series: Presentation on the Garcimunoz medieval castle refurbishment project (Spain): public talk by Dr Izaskun Chinchilla, Senior Research Associate and Public Engagement Fellow at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College, London [handout]

2 Dec. 2017 – Site visit: Darul Maziah, Malay heritage house, Kuching (for members) [handout]

July 2016 to Aug. 2017 – a SHS committee member participated in 4 meetings called by the Sarawak Forestry Corporation on the drafting of a Master Plan/ Managemetn Plan for Santubong National Park. Two SHS comments notes were addressed to SFC.

8 July 2017 – Sharing session with Think City Penang team on heritage conservation in urban rejuvenation programmes (for members)

4 July 2017 – Screening of a documentary on an episode of Sarawak history (for members)

5 May 2017 –  SHS Heritage Speakers Series: “Ethos, Heritage Conservation and Advancement“, public talk by Datuk Seri Lim Chong Keat. [bio]

15 Nov. 2016 – SHS Heritage Speakers Series: “Kuching Courthouses” : how the developments of governance under the three Rajahs can be viewed through the development of their courthouses. Public talk By Dr John Ting, Assistant Professor of Architecture at the University of Canberra. Co-organized with Friends of Sarawak Museum.  [synopsis]

11-12 Nov. 2016 – Study tour to Penang by a 3 pax SHS delegation led by SHS President. Meetings with representatives of Penang Heritage Trust, GTWHI, Penang Municipal Council (Heritage Dept), ThinkCity and with conservation Architects Laurence Loh and Loh-Lim Lin Lee (Blue Mansion).

13 Aug. 2016 – SHS Heritage Speakers Series: “The pagan rites of the people of Mount Singai“, public talk by Dr. Andrew Alek Tuen (professor at the UNIMAS Institute of Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation) and Boniface Dowell (former RTM broadcaster) on their personal research in this topic. [synopsis]

30 Apr. 2016 – site visit to the Batu Lintang War Memorial mini-Museum, Kuching (site of WW2 Japanese internment camp), led by  Mr. Lim Kian Hock (Sarawak Tourism Federation Heritage Development Committee Chair) and co-organized with Friends of Sarawak Museum (for SHS and FoSM members). [synopsis]

6 Sept. 2015 – Visit to Rajah Charles Brooke Memorial Hospital (ex-) leprosarium and mini-museum. For SHS members and their friends. The visit was guided by Dr Goh Yi Xiong and Ms Angelina Jong, managers of the hospital involved in the museum.

2015 22 août_HokkienSchoolKch_2pwc

The old Hokkien School building, Kuching

22 Aug. 2015 – Site visit to the Old Hokkien School building Kuching. Jointly by PAMSC (Malaysian Institute of Architects, Sarawak Chapter) and SHS, with a historian from the Kuching Hokkien association.

25 July 2015 – “The architecture of Sarawak before 1963”, public talk/seminar by Dr. John Ting, architect and historian, prominent expert in Sarawak built heritage. Jointly by PAMSC and SHS.

14 June 2015 –  The Penang House and the Straits Architect 1887–1941″, public talk by Dr. Jon Lim. SHS joined PAM (Malaysian Institute of Architects) Sarawak Chapter for this event. [for more, see our article of 20 June 2015]

Dyak ceiling and wall paintings, Segu bungalow

Dyak wall paintings, Segu bungalow, Kuching

22 Feb. 2015 – talk for members : “Episodes from the history of bunglo Segu” : on the ‘Segu bungalow’ (Park Lane, Kuching) and the history associated to it, by Dr John Walker, Senior Lecturer at UNSV Canberra (International and Political Studies programme) and author of the book “Power and prowess: the Origins of Brooke Kinship in Sarawak” (2002). Co-organised with Friends of Sarawak Museum (FoSM).

07 Feb. 2015 – Launch of the guided tour A stroll through Kuching’s Chinese History“. (2 hour tour, given  by an experienced volunteer heritage guide). Under the joint aegis of FoSM and SHS. [See our article of 27 March 2015]  

21 Nov. 2014 – Launch of exhibition of heritage sketches by Urban Skectchers Kuching and of SHS Membership Drive [pamphlet (extract)]

2014 : several visits for members to Fort Margherita (Kuching) and Fort Alice (Sri Aman) as the conservation projects  progressed; visit of renovation project of private shophouses that had burnt down Gambier street, Kuching.



27 March 2023 – SHS Executive Committee meeting with Puan Nancy Bte Johly, newly appointed Director of the Sarawak Museum Department. The continuation of SHS’s collaboration, engagement and support with the Museum for community-based programmes was discussed.

21 March 2023 – SHS Executive Committee meeting with YB Dato Sri Hj Abdul Karim Hamzah, Sarawak Minister of Tourism, Creative Industry and Performing Arts, to introduce SHS’s new Committee and to raise support for SHS’s future plans. On the same day, members of the Exco attended a meeting of the State Tourism Steering Committee, chaired by the Minister.

21 July 2022 – SHS President represented the Society at the official unveiling, at the  Batu Lintang memorial square, Kuching, of a Memorial Plaque commemorating the WW2 Long Nawang 1942 massacre victims.

25 June 2022 – Participation in an a forum on Intellectual Properties Infringement in Art and Culture Scene (SHS Vice President and Treasurer)

12 June 2022 – Participation in a Sarawak Development Institute meeting on Cultural Resource Mapping in Kuching (SHS President and Vice President)

27 May 2022 –  Meeting with Pustaka Negeri Sarawak on the State Records Repository (SHS President and Vice President)

22 Apr. 2022 – SHS President, participated in the inaugural meeting of the Sarawak Heritage Council in his capacity of appointed SHC member.

13 and 19 Apr. 2022 – participation in a web session with Ministry of Tourism, Creative Industry and Performing Arts (MTCP) and Google on proposed Google “Art and Culture” app (13/04, SHS Vice President and Treasurer).  MTCP web meeting on GoDigital Sarawak (19/04, SHS Committee member Angelina Jong).

12 Apr. 2022 – Sarawak Museum Department presentation and discussion of archaeological findings near Central Police Station Police Station (SHS President and Vice President).

1 April 2022 – Participation in a a web briefing session on marketing strategy for the Singapore market (SHS President and Treasurer).

31 March 2022 –  Participation in a Sarawak Government ‘lab’ on the drafting of a Craft Council Bill (SHS President, Vice President and Treasurer).

2020-2022 Pandemic control period – The new SHS Committee (2020-2022) met with Mr Hii Chang Kee, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture on 14 Jan. 2021 and subsequently, on 28 Jan. with Datuk Hj Abdul Karim Hamzah, Minister of Tourism Arts and Culture to introduce itself, to update the ministry on  SHS’s activities. The discussion touched also on the status of the new Sarawak Heritage Ordinance (2019) and on the concerns of the heritage conservation community on the alterations made on the Round Tower, Kuching, as part of its repurposing into a cafe-restaurant. We also submitted to the Minister several projects for funding support. Besides, the Sarawak Economic Action Council (SEAC), tasked with the design of an economic recovery plan for the State, has put SHS in the loop of its consultations, in which heritage is touched upon, in particular, in discussions on the tourism sector;  SHS is also involved in consultations on the design of a new long term Tourism Master Plan 2020-2035; these consultations (mostly run via digital meetings) were occasions for SHS to advocate further for a boost in the management of the State’s cultural heritage.

3 Aug. 2020 –  Meeting with the new Director of the Sarawak Museum Department, En. Tazudin Mohtar. We had a wide ranging discussion covering the new Sarawak Heritage Ordinance, specific heritage sites around Kuching, our 2018-19 ‘Heritage Quest’ public campaign and other SHS projects, as well as collaboration possibilities going forward.. (5 members of the SHS Committee).

16 Jul. 2020 – Briefing and sharing session with several councillors from the Padungan  Area Comnmittee of MBKS (Kuching South Municipaly) on “The Story of Padungan” project, a private initiative by James Yong (SHS Vice-President) and John Soo (SHS member) to document the history and heritage of Kuching’s Padungan area. The project is supported by SHS.

9 Jan. 2020 – 5 members of the SHS Committee paid a courtesy visit to the new Mayor of DBKU (Kuching South) Dato Wee Hong Seng. SHS highlighted the potential for synergies between our two organisations for the conservation of heritage assets under MBKS jusrisdiction, such as the old Padungan precinct.

01 Nov. 2019 – SHS forwarded to the Sarawak Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture a comments note ‘SARAWAK HERITAGE BILL 2019 – Review and Discussion‘ on the Sarawak Heritage Bill, 2019 circulated for tabling at the November 2019 session of the Sarawak State legislative Assembly. The Bill was tabled (first reading) on 4 Nov. 20109, the first day of the November sitting of the Sarawak Sate Legislative Assembly. The second and third readings took place the following day, 5 Nov. 2019, upon which the Bill was approved without amendments. [ HERE is the unedited hansard of the State Assembly’s debate and approval of the Bill, as accessed on the Sarawak State Assembly website shortly after the debate  – see pages 55 to 76]. The new Ordinance was gazetted on 13 Dec, 2019 and came into force on 1 March 2022.
On this topic seed also our 08/10/2020 web articleSHS view: The new Sarawak Heritage ordinance: Will it Be a Game Changer?
[Full text of the ordinance: SARAWAK HERITAGE ORD, 2019 (source: lawnet.sarawak.gov.my)]

16-17 Oct. 2019 – Three SHS members participated in a workshop called by Pustaka Negeri Sarawak on UNESCO’s ‘Memory of the World’ programme.

15-16 Aug. 2019 – three SHS Committee members contributed to the ‘Lab Program on the Proposed Outstanding Univerrsal Value (OUV) for Niah Cave World Heritage Site under UNESCO Listing‘ (Waterfront Hotel, Kuching).

20 June 2019 – SHS President DS Ridu and SHS adviser (architecture) Ar. William Khoo represented SHS in a Sarawak Government “Lab (on) Proposed Transforming Brooke Dockyard Into Maritime Museum“. See SHS notes-Brooke Dockyard Lab 14062019 w.

17 Apr. 2019 – SHS Committee meeting with Sarawak Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports to present SHS’s ‘Heritage Quest’ project and proposals for the upgrading of Sarawak’s  institutional and regulatory framework for cultural heritage. [Summary of points presented to the Minister]

6 Dec. 2018 – Two SHS Committee members participated in a Sarawak Government workshop on the “Old Kuching Smart Heritage” initiative.

01 Nov. 2018 – SHS participated in a discussion meeting on the revision of the Sarawak Cultural Heritage Ordinance convened by the Sarawak Museum Department.

10-11 Jan. 2018 – Four SHS committee members participated in Sarawak Ministry of Urban Development and Natural Resources ‘Lab’ on cultural heritage management. [Follow up SHS letter-28/03/2018]

15 Dec. 2017 – SHS Committee meeting with Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth  and Sports further to the Dec. 2016 meeting with the Sarawak Chief Minister. [SHS Media Release-15/12/2017]

14 Nov. 2017 – SHS Committee meeting with Sarawak Chief Minister to present SHS current activities and forward a Position Paper on cultural heritage management in Sarawak. [SHS POSITION PAPER-Nov. 2017 presented at the meeting]

July 2016-Aug. 2017 – a Committee member represented SHS a Sarawak Forestry Corporation  (SFC) meetings on the preparation of a Master Plan / Management Plan for Santubong national Park.



Nov. 2014Urban Heritage sketchesAn  exhibition of heritage buildings sketches from Kuching and Siniawan by eight talented local sketchers –  by SHS and the URBAN SKETCHERS KUCHING network. More in our article  of 24 November 2014.

May 2014 – “The hidden beauty of Nature”, paintings by NARONG DAUN. In partnership with the Sarawak Museum. For more: SHS Press Release on this event.

Feb. 2013 – Paintings by CHIN KEE , Kuching. An exhibition of paintings by the late Sarawakian painter Chin Kee, co-hosted by the Sarawak Museum and SHS. Chin Kee followed the China Lingnan school of brush painting, a blend of traditional local style with elements of Western and Japanese realist painting, meant to be more accessible to the population, after the Chinese 1911 revolution.  See  and Borneo Post article  on this event (8 Feb. 2013).

Jan-Feb. 2012 – “From studio to old street – capturing cultural heritage through art”. Paintings by Hoan Kee Huang. In partnership with the Sarawak Museum. See related SHS Newlsletter article.


Sarawak Heritage and its interpretation for Tour Guides Nov. 2014 (2 days workshop) and May 2015 (3 days workshop) with Sarawak Tourist Guides Association (SKTGA) members. In collaboration with Sarawak Ministry of Tourism. Media coverage:  Sarawak Tribune, 15 Nov. 2014  Borneo Post, 16 Nov. 2014, Borneo Post 22 May 2015


KchHeritageTrail_2007 cover pageKuching Heritage Trails: The Brooke Legacy, Self-guided tours  (2007,  SHS & Malaysian Institute of Architects, Sarawak branch, 28 pages)  [currently out of print but freely downloadable from our Archive page]

This website started to operate in October 2014, replacing our production of printed SHS Newsletters.

[for more on publications, including Press Releases, see our Archive page] 


Feb. 2017 – SHS sponsored the participation of a team of 6 girls from Kuching’s Salvation Army Children Home to the Kuching Heritage Race.


Ft A.lpFort Alice, in Sri Aman (formerly named ‘Simanggang’), is one of the remaining from Sarawak’s Brooke era. It is a remarkable, large “fortified” wooden building which served for many years as the main administrative centre for the area.

SHS supported the Sarawak Government-funded Fort Alice Conservation Project (restoration of the building+setting up of a museum, MYR 5 mln allocation) through a complementary community engagement programme to promote the valuing and methods of cultural heritage conservation. The Simanggang Soon Heng Society and the Kuching-based Talents and Arts group were also partners. The project was sponsored by PAMSC (Malaysian Institute of Architects, Sarawak Chapter (MYR 15,000) and NS Bluescope Lysaght (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd (MYR 20,000), and SHS contributed MYR 5,000. Architect and SHS member Mike Boon was the Programme Director. Friends of Fort Alice, a community-initiated local heritage conservation group, has been set-up in the course of the project (Click here for their blog -partly in Chinese language). The restored Fort re-opened to the public on 18 Apr. 2015. A special event was hold one week earlier to conclude the SHS supported community engagement programme.


This SHS project initiative helped record Siniawan’s history and heritage. An inventory of the heritage buildings and measured plans of the old wooden shophouses were undertaken. The project involved community groups, in a participatory approach, contributing a revival of Siniawan. Besides volunteer work, the project was made possible by gracious inputs from Arkitek JFN Sdn Bhd and a MYR 20,000 sponsorhip from NS Bluescope Lysalight Sdn Bhd.


11-12 Nov. 2016 – two days study tour to George Town, Penang,  by the SHS President, a Committee member and a SHS member (self-funded by the participants)

Oct. 2016 – SHS website upgrade

2008 – SHS undertook measured drawings of several threatened historical buildings along Gambier Street, Kuching : old vegetable, fish & poultry markets, old information building and ‘bunker building’, and presented to the Sarawak Government a documented project proposal for their conservation. This project was not retained by the Authorities. The old riverfront markets were demolished in June-July 2009. [More on our Archive page. See also our post of 14 Dec. 2014]

For the record: visual of SHS 2008 proposal for the conservation of Gambier street old markets.

For the record: visual of SHS 2008 proposal for the conservation of Gambier street old markets.

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