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16 July 2019 – Heritage Speakers Series: “Sarawak’s Unique Tradition of Timber Shophouses” by Dr John Ting, Assistant Professor, Univ. of Canberra, Australia. Co-organized with Friends of Sarawak Museum (FoSM) [handout]

20 June 2019 – SHS President DS Ridu and SHS advisor (architecture) William Khoo represented SHS in a Sarawak Government “Lab (on) Proposed Transforming Brooke Dockyard Into Maritime Museum”

17 Apr. 2019 – SHS Committee meeting with Sarawak Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports to present SHS’s ‘Heritage Quest’ project and proposals for the upgrading of Sarawak’s  cultural heritage regulatory framework.

May 2018-March 2019 – Six guided Kuching Heritage walks by Paul Gerarts, SHS volunteer guide (additonal to the below-mentioned ‘WAK’ strolls) . Total attendence: 89 pax.

11 Apr. 2019 – Heritage Speakers Series: “Civil Society and Sustainable Heritage“, public talk by Dr Chua Ai Lin, VP and Executive Director, Singapore Heritage Society, and Mr. Fauzy Ismail. [poster]

13 March 2019 – Sharing session : “Reviving the Magic of Chinese Opera“, by SHS VP James Yong and SHS member John Soo and members of the Yi Sing Fukien Dramatic Association (Kuching). [poster] [20190313 SHS ChinOpera handout 1 – pdf 67Mb] [20190313  YSDA Prez – pdf 15Mb]

20 Feb. 2019 – Two SHS Committee members attended a presentation of the new Sarawak Museum Campus projected exhibitions

February 2019 – Several SHS members were interviewed on heritage related topics in the shooting of “Jateman” and “Colour of Sarawak”, a series of travel documentaries for a Malaysian TV channel.

6 Dec. 2018 – (2) SHS Committee members participated in a Sarawak Government workshop on the “Old Kuching Smart Heritage” initiative.

8 Nov. 2018 – Media Conference : launch ofHeritage Quest campaign.

01 Nov. 2018 – SHS participated in a discussion meeting on the revision of the Sarawak Cultural Heritage Ordinance convened by the Sarawak Museum Department.

18 Nov. 2018 – Media Release on the Old Kuching Railway terminus further to the ‘rediscovery’ of old railway tracks at sewerage worksite.

Oct. 2018 (06, 07, 13, 27, 28) – (6) “Strolls through Sarawak’s Very Unique History: The Brooke Rajahs“, by SHS volunteer guide Paul Gerarts, in partnership with the Brooke Trust and in conjunction with the WAK Festival. Total attendence: 82 pax. [poster]

11 Aug 2018 – “Misc. Heritage News’ Feb.-July 2018  e-bulletin published.

29 Jul. 2018 –  Exploratory discussion meeting between SHS Committee members and representatives of St James’ Church at Quop on the idea of a fund rising event for the conservation of the old timber church. The level of priority allocated by the local stakeholders to the conservation of the church appeared unclear.

02 June 2018 – Talk/Visit to Ramsey Ong studio, Kuching (SHS members-only event).

20 May 2018 – Launch of “SHS Community” (WhatsApp) chatgroup (joining on ‘opt-in’ basis – open to all).

09 March 2018 – Public talk: Endangered Arts of Sarawak. By Edric Ong, multiple award Malaysian designer and expert in natural dye textiles, fashion and crafts.

13 Feb. 2018 – Public talk on the Japanese WW2 shipwrecks off Sarawak coast: what they are, what happened to them, and the need to preserve what is left of them. By Ernest Teo, diving instructor and SHS Vice President.

11 Jan 2018 – Public talk: Heritage management in urban rejuvenation programmes;  and conservation GIS (Geographical Information Systems)  – Think City Sdn Bhd  experience. By Matt Benson, Programme Director, Technical Services, Think City, and Dr. Ceelia Leong, Think City Fellow, Conservation and GIS specialist.  (for members).

10-11 Jan. 2018 – (4) SHS committee members participated in Sarawak Ministry of Urban Developement and Natural Resources ‘Lab’ on cultural heritage management.

5 Dec. 2017 – Presentation on the Garcimunoz medieval castle refurbishment project (Spain): public talk by Dr Izaskun Chinchilla, Senior Research Associate and Public Engagement Fellow at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College, London [handout]

15 Dec. 2017 – SHS Committee meeting with Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth  and Sports further to the Dec. 2016 meeting with the Sarawak Chief Minister .

14 Nov. 2017 – SHS Committee meeting with Sarawak Chief Minister to present SHS current activities and forward a Position Paper on cultural heritage management in Sarawak.

2 Dec. 2017 – Site visit: Darul Maziah, Malay heritage house, Kuching (for members) [handout]

8 July 2017 – Sharing session with Think City Penang team on heritage conservation in urban rejuvenation programmes (for members)

4 July 2017 – Screening of a documentary on an episode of Sarawak history (for members)

5 May 2017 –  “Ethos, Heritage Conservation and Advancement“, public talk by Datuk Seri Lim Chong Keat. [bio]

15 Nov. 2016 – “Kuching Courthouses” : how the developments of governance under the three Rajahs can be viewed through the development of their courthouses. Public talk By Dr John Ting, Assistant Professor of Architecture at the University of Canberra. Co-organized with Friends of Sarawak Museum.  [synopsis]

11-12 Nov. 2016 – Study tour to Penang by a 3 pax SHS delegation led by SHS President. Meetings with representatives of Penang Heritage Trust, GTWHI, Penang Municipal Council (Heritage Dept), ThinkCity and with conservation Architects Laurence Loh and Loh-Lim Lin Lee (Blue Mansion).

13 Aug. 2016 – “The pagan rites of the people of Mount Singai“, public talk by Dr. Andrew Alek Tuen (professor at the UNIMAS Institute of Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation) and Boniface Dowell (former RTM broadcaster) on their personal research in this topic. [synopsis]

30 Apr. 2016 – site visit to the Batu Lintang War Memorial mini-Museum, Kuching (site of WW2 Japanese internment camp), led by  Mr. Lim Kian Hock (Sarawak Tourism Federation Heritage Development Committee Chair) and co-organized with Friends of Sarawak Museum (for SHS and FoSM members). [synopsis]

6 Sept. 2015 – Visit to Rajah Charles Brooke Memorial Hospital (ex-) leprosarium and mini-museum. For SHS members and their friends. The visit was guided by Dr Goh Yi Xiong and Ms Angelina Jong, managers of the hospital involved in the museum.

2015 22 août_HokkienSchoolKch_2pwc

The old Hokkien School building, Kuching

22 Aug. 2015 – Site visit to the Old Hokkien School building Kuching. Jointly by PAMSC (Malaysian Institute of Architects, Sarawak Chapter) and SHS, with a historian from the Kuching Hokkien association.

25 July 2015 – “The architecture of Sarawak before 1963”, public talk/seminar by Dr. John Ting, architect and historian, prominent expert in Sarawak built heritage. Jointly by PAMSC and SHS.

14 June 2015 –  The Penang House and the Straits Architect 1887–1941″, public talk by Dr. Jon Lim. SHS joined PAM (Malaysian Institute of Architects) Sarawak Chapter for this event. [for more, see our article of 20 June 2015]

Dyak ceiling and wall paintings, Segu bungalow

Dyak wall paintings, Segu bungalow, Kuching

22 Feb. 2015 – talk for members : “Episodes from the history of bunglo Segu” : on the ‘Segu bungalow’ (Park Lane, Kuching) and the history associated to it, by Dr John Walker, Senior Lecturer at UNSV Canberra (International and Political Studies programme) and author of the book “Power and prowess: the Origins of Brooke Kinship in Sarawak” (2002). Co-organised with Friends of Sarawak Museum (FoSM).

07 Feb. 2015 – Launch of the guided tour A stroll through Kuching’s Chinese History“. (2 hour tour, given  by an experienced volunteer heritage guide). Under the joint aegis of FoSM and SHS. [See our article of 27 March 2015]  

2014 : several visits for members to Fort Margherita (Kuching) and Fort Alice (Sri Aman) as the conservation projects  progressed; visit of renovation project of private shophouses that had burnt down Gambier street, Kuching.


Nov. 2014Urban Heritage sketchesAn  exhibition of heritage buildings sketches from Kuching and Siniawan by eight talented local sketchers –  by SHS and the URBAN SKETCHERS KUCHING network. More in our article  of 24 November 2014.

May 2014 – “The hidden beauty of Nature”, paintings by NARONG DAUN. In partnership with the Sarawak Museum. For more: SHS Press Release on this event.

Feb. 2013 – Paintings by CHIN KEE , Kuching. An exhibition of paintings by the late Sarawakian painter Chin Kee, co-hosted by the Sarawak Museum and SHS. Chin Kee followed the China Lingnan school of brush painting, a blend of traditional local style with elements of Western and Japanese realist painting, meant to be more accessible to the population, after the Chinese 1911 revolution.  See  and Borneo Post article  on this event (8 Feb. 2013).

Jan-Feb. 2012 – “From studio to old street – capturing cultural heritage through art”. Paintings by Hoan Kee Huang. In partnership with the Sarawak Museum. See related SHS Newlsletter article.


Sarawak Heritage and its interpretation for Tour Guides Nov. 2014 (2 days workshop) and May 2015 (3 days workshop) with Sarawak Tourist Guides Association (SKTGA) members. In collaboration with Sarawak Ministry of Tourism. Media coverage:  Sarawak Tribune, 15 Nov. 2014  Borneo Post, 16 Nov. 2014, Borneo Post 22 May 2015


KchHeritageTrail_2007 cover pageKuching Heritage Trails: The Brooke Legacy, Self-guided tours  (2007,  SHS & Malaysian Institute of Architects, Sarawak branch, 28 pages)  [currently out of print but freely downloadable from our Archive page]

This website started to operate in October 2014, replacing our production of printed SHS Newsletters.

[for more on publications, including Press Releases, see our Archive page] 


Feb. 2017 – SHS sponsored the participation of a team of 6 girls from Kuching’s Salvation Army Children Home to the Kuching Heritage Race.


Ft A.lpFort Alice, in Sri Aman (formerly named ‘Simanggang’), is one of the remaining from Sarawak’s Brooke era. It is a remarkable, large “fortified” wooden building which served for many years as the main administrative centre for the area.

SHS supported the Sarawak Government-funded Fort Alice Conservation Project (restoration of the building+setting up of a museum, MYR 5 mln allocation) through a complementary community engagement programme to promote the valuing and methods of cultural heritage conservation. The Simanggang Soon Heng Society and the Kuching-based Talents and Arts group were also partners. The project was sponsored by PAMSC (Malaysian Institute of Architects, Sarawak Chapter (MYR 15,000) and NS Bluescope Lysaght (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd (MYR 20,000), and SHS contributed MYR 5,000. Architect and SHS member Mike Boon was the Programme Director. Friends of Fort Alice, a community-initiated local heritage conservation group, has been set-up in the course of the project (Click here for their blog -partly in Chinese language). The restored Fort re-opened to the public on 18 Apr. 2015. A special event was hold one week earlier to conclude the SHS supported community engagement programme.


This SHS project initiative helped record Siniawan’s history and heritage. An inventory of the heritage buildings and measured plans of the old wooden shophouses were undertaken. The project involved community groups, in a participatory approach, contributing a revival of Siniawan. Besides volunteer work, the project was made possible by gracious inputs from Arkitek JFN Sdn Bhd and a MYR 20,000 sponsorhip from NS Bluescope Lysalight Sdn Bhd.


11-12 Nov. 2016 – two days study tour to George Town, Penang,  by the SHS President, a Committee member and a SHS member (self-funded by the participants)

Oct. 2016 – SHS website upgrade

2008 – SHS undertook measured drawings of several threatened historical buildings along Gambier Street, Kuching : old vegetable, fish & poultry markets, old information building and ‘bunker building’, and presented to the Sarawak Government a documented project proposal for their conservation. (This project was not retained by the Authorities). [More on our Archive page. See also our post of 14 Dec. 2014]

For the record: visual of SHS 2008 proposal for the conservation of Gambier street old markets.

For the record: visual of SHS 2008 proposal for the conservation of Gambier street old markets.

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