Conventions / Charters / Declarations / Global Programmes

. ICOMOS – Florence Declaration on Heritage and Landscape as Human Values- 2014

. The BURRA CHARTER (revised, adopted-31.10.2013): The Australian ICOMOS Charter for places of cultural significance. A worldwide reference.

. ICOMOS -The VALETTA PRINCIPLES for the Safeguarding and Management of Historic Cities, Towns and Urban Areas- 2011

. HOI AN PROTOCOLS for Best Conservation Practice in Asia – Professional Guidelines for Assuring and Preserving the Authenticity of Heritage Sites in the Context of the Cultures of Asia, 2001

. NARA document on authenticity ICOMOS 1994

. Charter for the Conservation of Historic Towns and Urban Areas (‘WASHINGTON CHARTER’ 1987)

. International Charter for the Conservation and Restoration of Monuments and Sites (‘VENICE CHARTER’ 1964)   (ICOMOS)

* UNESCO: Key Resources on the WORLD HERITAGE Convention and programme (TANGIBLE HERITAGE)

* UNESCO: Key Resources on INTANGIBLE HERITAGE Convention and programme

* UNESCO: Key resources on the MEMORY OF THE WORLD Programme

Studies, Explainers, Manuals

. Competence Framework for Cultural Heritage Conservation – UNESCO, 2020 : A Guide to the Essential Skills & Knowledge for Heritage Practitioners. (122pp. 5Mb)

. Cultural Mapping Toolkit, A Guide for Participatory Mapping in Local Communities, National Commission for Culture and the Art (NCCA) Philippines, 2019 (261pp. 24Mb)

. Revisiting Authenticity in the Asian Context – ICCROM-CHA Conservation Forum series 2, 2018, 233pp. Recommended.

UNESCO – World heritage Convention Operational Guidelines, 2017

. Managing Cultural World heritage – another key UNESCO/ICCROM/ICOMOS/IUCN Open Access resource manual, 2013 [155p. pdf, 4.8Mb]

. New Life for Historic Cities: the Historic Urban Landscape Approach UNESCO, 2013

. “Understanding World Heritage in Asia and the Pacific – UNESCO World heritage Paper 35, 2012 [152p., large pdf, 14Mb]

. “Managing Historic Cities – UNESCO World Heritage Paper 27, 2010 [243p., large pdf, 24Mb]

. The Resources page of the Asian Academy for Heritage Management (AAHM) has links to the major international conventions, charters and management instruments on heritage (global and regional). It also offers a Heritage Impact Assessment On-line Toolkit (AAHM is a network of higher learning institutions from the region, offering professional training in cultural heritage management, under UNESCO and ICCROM guidance. UNESCO hosts the secretariat)

Economics of heritage conservation:

There is a growing set of publications on the values and economics of heritage conservation. See for example:

The_Economics_of_Heritagepage of the Department of Environment and Energy, Australia

The Economics of Uniqueness, Urban Development Series, World Bank, 2012

Methods for the Economic Valuation of Urban Heritage: a Sustainability-based Approach“, AFD (French Development Agency) and University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne, Oct. 2012. (pdf, 4.7MB) [Original French version here ]


On the Penang experience

The Penang Shophouse website (a joint initiative involving George Town World Heritage Inc. (GTWHI)and Penang’s Cultural Heritage Action Team– CHAT), contains an array of practical information on Penang’s experience and practice in Heritage conservation. It includes, among others, the Guidelines for the Conservation Areas & Heritage Buildings used in the UNESCO-listed Heritage zone. See also this page from the CHAT blogspot, recalling the three outstanding universal values which were emphasised by Penang to access its UNESCO Heritage listing. This is valuable material for the design of programmes adressing historic urban heritage conservation in Sarawak, for example in Kuching. (more links on our “Links” page)

Misc. Archival references

2019-List of 1886-1969 archival materials-London Public Records Office