RECOMMENDED: On 9 Nov. 2020, at the occasion of the launching of a course for heritage practitioners in Asia, UNESCO convened a panel of UNESCO, ICOMOS and ICCROM representatives to present basics and trends in approaches of heritage management. This e-session was public is is now available in Replay mode.


The session runs as follows:
00:01:00 Introduction
00:08:00 Trends in World heritage Management in the Asia-Pacific Region – Dr F. Jing Director, UNESCO World Heritage Centre for Asia-Pacific
00:26:10 Expanding Practice: Sustainable development and heritage protection – Peter Phillips, Secretary General, ICOMOS
00:40:39 Connecting Practice: Integrated Approaches to Heritage Management – Tim Badman, Director, IUCN Nature-Culture Initiative
00: 55:30 Improving Practice in Heritage Management – Eugene Jo, World Heritage Leadership Programme, ICCROM
01:11:20 New Competences for Sustainable heritage Management – Montira Unakul, UNESCO Bangkok

The panel presented, in particular, current thinking on the ways to better integrate heritage management into the sustainable development approaches, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Check, in particular, the presentation by the Secretary General of ICOMOS, from 00:26:10.


RECOMMENDED: The Cha Malaysia talk of 24 Oct. 2020 entitled “Past Wisdoms, Resilient Futures: The Value of Reclaiming of a Low Carbon Urban Site“, by Dr Gwynn Jenkins, is now available in REPLAY mode.

Dr. Jenkins, a heritage management expert and George Town resident is the author of the 2019 book ‘Contested  Space Revisited, George Town, Penang before and after UNESCO World heritage Listing’.  In this talk she looks at the value of past urban built environment practices in terms of socio-economic and environmental resilience, in particular from the angle of George Town’s cultural and natural heritage and the ways it has been approached by heritage practitioners. [Note: Actual talk starts at 00:09:45 of the video]



Balancing Heritage Conservation and Sustainable Development – The Case of Bordeaux – Federica Appendino 2017 IOP Conf. Ser.: Mater. Sci. Eng. 245 062002 (2017, 11pp.)
An interesting case study on efforts to integrate of heritage protection/conservation into sustainable development planning. [View the article online for updates and enhancements].

♦  On the challenges associated to the gazetting and management of heritage sites:

Dire straits for Malaysia’s world heritage“, by Soon-Tzu Speechley, new mandala, 29 Sept. 2016

“The candi crush saga” – Borneo Post, 20 Dec. 2013 : A Dec.2013 column by Tunku Abidin Muhriz, president of Ideas (a Malaysian think tank) at the occasion of the launching of the Malaysian (and 101st) committee of the International Council of Monuments and Sites (Icomos), a global heritage conservation NGO.

♦ On the purposes and benefits of heritage conservation

Six Practical Reasons to Save Old Buildings” A National Trust for Historic Preservation (USA) post, 10 Nov. 2015



♦  On Tom Harrisson : “The Barefoot Anthropologist” series of short documentaries shown on BBC Four in 2007, narrated by David Attenborough. (YouTube)



♦ “The Borneo Story” series. Produced for the British Television by Tom Harrisson (at the time Curator of the Sarawak Museum) and his wife Barbara. Each episode is of 25-30 minutes. [the links are to Vimeo].

First series, broadcast by the BBC in 1957

1- Borneo from the Beginning

2-Birds Nest Soup

3-Peoples of the Tijar River

4-The Dyaks

5-Fisherman of the Coast

Second series, produced for ITV in 1962/1963

6-Cavemen of Today

7-The Rainforest

8-Highlanders of the Equator

9-The Swamp

♦ “Borneo” – American, 1937, shot in British North Borneo, 33mn. Described as Martin Johnson’s last film. Martin Johnson and his wife Osa were well known American adventurer and documentary film makers. He was killed in an airplane crash shortly after making this documentary. The deep Borneo jungles and their inhabitants as the American public expected to see them in those times. Illustration of the western cultural biases of the colonial times. (YouTube streaming).

♦ Centenary of Sarawak”  – 1941 Associated Press news report (about 2 minutes).  Colonial pomp: Vyner Brooke, third Rajah of Sarawak, celebrates the centenary of the Brooke reign. It is at the occasion of its centenary that the Brooke Government provided a Constitution for Sarawak: “We pronounced our will and intention to commemorate this centenary year of the government of Sarawak by English Rajahs by terminating for ever the era of autocratic rule which has so far characterised our Government and by substituting therefor a Constitution […] in such manner as to ensure that our beloved Subjects shall ultimately enjoy their inherent right to control their own lives and destinies” says the preamble of the 1941 Constitution.

♦ “Ranee of Sarawak speaks at luncheon (1942)” British Pathe Gaumont (Reuters) short (1:03mn) newsreel. (“address at an Over-Seas Club luncheon“). (note: “Charles Brooke” is Charles Wyner Brooke).

“♦ “1945 Kuching POW Camp six weeks after Japanese surrender” (Youtube, 3mn)


♦ “Sir Charles Brooke returns home to rebuild Sarawak (1946)” – short (21s) Pathe Gaumont British newsreel (Reuters) – (note: “Charles Brooke” is Charles Wyner Brooke)

♦ “Duchess In Sarawak Aka Duchess Of Kent In Sarawak (1952)” – British Pathe newsreel (2:02mn)(visiting Duchess of Kent is the first cousin of Queen Elisabteth II)

Elections In Sarawak (1963) – British Pathe newsreel (silent) See the appearance of some Kuching buildings at that time, from 00:56 and from 6:30.

♦  Colonial and more recent family films/documentary clips

  • A series of short (3-12 minutes) 8mm films for home showing, seemingly shot by a British Police officer, and uploaded on Youtube by Michael Rogge as part of a wider collection of vintage films. The first one has pictures of the old (now defunct) Satok bridge, etc. The second and third one show scenes of the then expatriate life in Kuching. (YouTube streaming)
‘In and around Kuching, Sarawak in 1960’
‘Introducing Kuching, British Sarawak, in 1960’
‘Sarawak, Kuching, police sports in 1960’ 
‘Sarawak, Kuching Regatta 1960’
‘From Kuching to HongKong in 1959’
 ‘A Chinese boy’s life in Sarawak, 1969’ – a Sibu boy