A few weeks ago, PAM (Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia, the Malaysian Institute of Architects) held its 2017 Awards ceremony.

The winner, Gold Medalist, in the “Conservation” category was… the restoration of Fort Alice,  Sri Aman.

The architect of the project was none other than Arkitek JFN Sdn Bhd, directed by Mike Boon.

The jury citation was following: “The attention to detail reflected in the restoration of this old fort is truly amazing while the effort made to engage the local community in helping to preserve history for future generations is just as impressive.”

Mike, who is a past President and founding member of the Sarawak Heritage Society, has worked tirelessly on this project in tandem with Dr John Ting, architecture historian. In addition to the physical restoration of the fort, he led SHS’s Community Engagement project that accompanied it.

Our warm congratulations to Mike and his team!

In the media:

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The fort will reacquire its full splendor with the regrowth of its tree finery.

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