“The Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (MATTA) is making a clarion call to the relevant authorities to take conservation and preservation of historical and heritage sites in the country more seriously, as such sites are also tourist attractions. (…)”

We have already lost so many heritage buildings in the past. We do not want this trend to continue as this is detrimental to tourism.”

Many tourists come to Malaysia for its unique cultural diversity. It is crucial to preserve all historical buildings that hold significant cultural meanings for the community (…)” MATTA president Hamzah Rahmat said. (…)

Cities with just high-rise buildings and no historical and cultural heritage sites are places without soul. Before it is too late, Kuala Lumpur City Hall and all relevant parties should conserve and preserve our precious heritage for future generations and for the development of tourism,” he added.”

(underlined by us)

SHS can only support this call, which is particularly relevant to Sarawak: heritage conservation ‘creates value’. For tourism, yes, but not only: as the MATTA president said, it is a soul enhancer. For us all : Sarawakians, Malaysians and Global Citizen.