Living alone on a mountaintop in Sarawak” is the title of a recent Straits Times (Singapore) report (12 Jan. 2015) on the history-charged old Jagoi-Bratak Bidayu longhouse perched on Bung (Mount) Jagoi, not far from Kuching.

The wooden longhouse, its baruk (the round ceremonial house) and the relics it contains are kept alive by Ms Jema, now sole resident.

A committee of local leaders has agreed to declare the Bung Jagoi area a community reserve, protected from logging, hunting and mining“, the article recalls.

Bung Jagoi and its old settlement would certainly be worth considering for formal listing as Sarawak natural and historical sites.

Read the full article,  which includes a photo gallery and a location map.

Bung Jagoi (altitude 300m) is located off the Bau-Serikin road. The Jagoi Area Development Committee has benefitted from Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Programme and from other sponsorships and partnerships for the preservation of the area.

On Bung Jagoi (SHS photo, 16 10 2011)

On Bung Jagoi (SHS photo, 16 10 2011)