In a recent statement, the President of the Sarawak Heritage Society Dato Sri Robert Jacob Ridu outlined following wishlist for measures to enhance heritage management in the forthcoming 2017 Government budget:

  • To budget funds in the Sarawak Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture for the setting up and  operation of a small, competent staffed unit/bureau dedicated to policy formulation and oversight on heritage (tangible and intangible) regulation and management, and the development and implementation of programmes. This should not be confused with Museum functions;
  • To set aside, in the development budget, a sizeable annual grant for contribution towards the conservation of varied publicly and privately owned heritage assets;
  • To draw up financial incentives to assist owners of privately owned heritage assets to conserve and maintain their assets for posterity.
Dato Sri Robert Jacob Ridu

DS R.J. Ridu



. SHS PR 11 Oct. 2016 – to Borneo Post in view of 2017 Govt budget

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