SHS is launching “SHS COMMUNITY”, a WhatsApp chat group set up as a real-time, interactive online conversation channel with other members and the SHS committee, and as a complement to this website and to the SHS Facebook page.

SHS COMMUNITY will converse on and discuss topics related to Sarawak’s cultural heritage, tangible or intangible.

It is open to any one, including non-SHS members, interested in contributing to the debate on heritage management in Sarawak, on an “opt-in” basis.

Following code of conduct has been set for the operation of the chat group: (i) new chat group members should briefly introduce themselves and their areas of knowledge, experience or interests; (ii) robust debate, focus on information, facts and ideas;  (iii) civil conversation, respect for all, avoidance of discussion on potentially divisive politics, race or religion issues; (iii) no spam, advertisements or meaningless greetings or “likes”.

Interested? Join SHS COMMUNITY!

To opt-in, contact James Yong, SHS COMMUNITY admin :
. mobile: +6013 835 2609
. email: