[article updated 17 Nov. 2015]

A view of the current works on India Street, Kuching

India Street, Kuching, 25 Oct. 2015 (contributed by a SHS member)

The writing on the board at the entrance of the street may be too small for you to read on the photo. It says: “Pardon our appearance, we are  building a better shopping area for you”

It is no secret that this project has generated perplexed reactions among our heritage-loving community, in particular among SHS membership.

Kuching’s India Street is a heritage asset. Beyond purely aesthetic considerations -obviously a subjective affair-, modern infrastructure can be made to blend in with heritage conservation. It can also, on the contrary, create clashes with values embedded in heritage conservation, such as preservation of authenticity and “sense of place”. Does this big metallic structure not overwhelm the shophouses?

India Street, 16 Nov. 2015 (SHS photo, 16 Nov. 2015)

India Street, 16 Nov. 2015 (SHS photo, 16 Nov. 2015)

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