At our recent meeting with the Sarawak Chief Minister we recalled SHS’s views on Sarawak’s cultural heritage and on the ways we can contribute to enhance its management.

Our key suggestions to the Government are summarized in the tables below.

We presented specifically two key short term proposals :

– A candid assessment of Sarawak’s current heritage management framework, findings of which could be presented and discussed at a workshop or convention. Topics to be reviewed and opened to suggestions for improvements would include

(i) the current legislation and subsidiary regulations with, for example the opportunity to introduce special area plans and requirements for Heritage Impact Assessments (HIA) in the planning process for construction or renovation works in designated areas;

(ii) the institutional and enforcement set-ups (discussing the concept of a Heritage Board or equivalent);

(iii) budgetary allocations and financial incentives to built-heritage conservation.

– A technical baseline study by independent consultants on Kuching’s heritage core, on a format similar to the one used for other locations in Malaysia.





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