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15 Dec. 2017 PR SHS meeting with Sarawak Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth & Sports

02 Dec. 2017 – Visit to Darul Maziah (Malay heritage house, Kuching) – handout

14 Nov. 2017 – SHS Position Paper (presented to Sarawak Chief Minister on 14 Nov. 2017)  –  KEY POINTS

20 Apr. 2017 – SHS e-statement on Bongkissam & Santubong extension

11 Oct. 2016 – SHS PR to Borneo Post in view of 2017 Government budget

01 Dec. 2015 SHS PR : ‘Waterfront Hotel is too much

17 May 2015 – SHS PR  – Tour guides workshop

23 Apr. 2015 – SHS-PAMSC PR on Forts

11 March 2015 – SHS PR on Fort Alice tree felling

June 2012 – SHS Newsletter editorial/article with statement on Gambier Street Mosque, Kuching

24 Apr. 2012 – SHS PR on Gambier Street Mosque, Kuching

Sept. 2011 – SHS Newsletter editorial with statement on cultural heritage policy and regulatory framework

Dec. 2010 – SHS Newsletter editorial with statement on the “renovation” of Chinese Pavilion (Museum Gardens) and demolition of old prison, Kuching

16 May 2008 – SHS PR  – AGM

09 Apr 2008 – SHS PR  – “Sarawakiana Talks”


  • Misc. Heritage News” [pdf]

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This series was started as a pilot project in August 2015. It relies mostly on information published in mainstream media. The purpose is to provide digests on the heritage scene, principally of Sarawak but also beyond Sarawak for information that may have bearings on Sarawak or that may be good ‘food for thought’ (such as the experience of George Town in heritage management). The format of the newsletter has evolved slightly from one issue to the other to suit the reporting needs. The future of this initiative will depend on the level of readership.

  • SHS Newsletters (2008-2012) [With the setting up of this website, the Newsletter series was discontinued.]

Full copies [pdf] : SHS Newsletter 6 (Oct’2011-June’2012) [6MB]    SHS Newsletter 5 (Jan’2011-Sept’2011) [5MB]    SHS Newsletter 4 (Mar’2010-Dec’2010) [11MB]    SHS Newsletter 3 (Jul’2009-Feb’2010) [11MB]    SHS Newsletter 2 (Oct’2008-Jun’2009) [9MB]    SHS Newsletter 1 (Mar’2008-Sept’2008) [38MB]

Selected articles [pdf] :

The Forts of Sarawak – A brief outline  (SHS Newsletter Oct.2011-June 2012, p.8)

A Narrative of the History of Lio Matu Fort  (SHS Newsletter Oct.2011-June 2012, p.9)

SHS site visit to Chan family mansion, Kuching – 9 June 2012  (SHS Newsletter Oct.2011-June 2012, pp. 4-5) [on the Chan mansion, see also “Houses that the Chan Clan built“, Borneo Post, 2 Oct. 2011]

SHS Site Visit to Santubong Historical and Archaeological sites, 11 June 2011  (SHS Newsletter Jan’2011-Sept’2011, pp.4-7)

SHS visit to Brooke Dockyard – 12 Dec. 2010  (SHS Newsletter Mar’2010-Dec’2010, pp.6-7)

SHS visit to Quop Church – 4 Sept. 2010  (SHS Newsletter Mar’2010-Dec’2010, pp.4-5)

Site visits to Mt Serembu, Peninjau – 18 Apr. 2010  (SHS Newsletter Mar’2010-Dec’2010, p.8)

The Gardens of Kuching  (SHS Newsletter Mar’2010-Dec’2010, p.10)

  • Kuching Heritage Trails: The Brooke Legacy – Self-guided tours brochure by SHS and Malaysian Institute of Architects, Sarawak Chapter (PAMSC), 2007, 28 pages (pdf, 3.3MB) (original version, out of print). [Note : items 16 (Old markets), 17 (First Sarawak museum exhibition building) and 18 (Banka building) of the brochure (pp.16-17) do not exist anymore.]

Working Papers

SHS working paper – Old Hokkien School, Kuching, v.16/01/2016

Projects Documentation

  • 2013-2014  “Reminiscing Forgotten Treasure… Simanggang” : FORT ALICE (Sri Aman) Community Engagement Project : Activities Records:

FA No.01-29/05/2013    FA No.02-17/07/2013     FA No.03-01/08/2013     FA No.04-14/08/2013    FA No.05-19/11/2013     FA No.06-18/12/2013     FA No.07-14/01/2014     FA No.08-28/03/2014     FA No.09-25/04/2014     FA No.10-26/05/2014     FA No.11- 31/08/2014      FA No.12-17/11/2014     FA No13-12/04/2015

  •  2009-2011 “Reminiscing Forgotten Treasure… Siniawan”  : SINIAWAN CULTURAL HERITAGE PROJECT

2011 : “Reminiscing Forgotten Reasurews… Siniawan” (2) (from SHS Newsletter Jan-Sept 2011, pp.8-11)

2010 : “Remininisicng Forgotten Treasures… Siniawan” (1) (from SHS Newsletter March 2010-Dec.2010, p.9)

  • 2008 – (for the record) : SHS Project proposal to Conserve Old Markets on Gambier Street, Kuching : cover page report
2008 aerial of ex-old Gambier str. market buildings

2008 aerial of ex-old Gambier str. market buildings

Visual of SHS 2008 proposal for the conservation of Gambier street old markets.

Visual of SHS 2008 proposal for the conservation of Gambier street old markets.

Related press articles :

Pre-War Structures Can Be Saved’- Borneo Post, 13 Mar. 2009

‘SHS to Display Conservation Report’ Sunday Eastern Times, 15 Mar.2009

‘Public Invited to Visit Exhibition On Gambier Street Conservation’ Borneo Post 16 Mar 2009