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What does membership offer ?

Participation in guided heritage tours, talks, exhibitions, conferences, cultural exchange trips and other events, with members’ discount if fees required

  • Free participation for members’ children under 18 years of age
  • Invitations to private events to network and exchange ideas with like-minded people
  • Access to the Members’ Pages of our website.


Promotion for new joining memberships

RM 100 JOINING FEE for new memberships is WAIVED

Click on the link below to download the application form, fill in and return to SHS with payment by cash or check.




Membership goes by calendar year (January-December)

Membership Fees

  • Ordinary membership: 1 year: RM 50.   Current reduced rate for 3 years membership : RM 120
  • Student   : RM 25 for 1 year

Regular joining fee : RM 100 (currently waived)

Per  Registrar of Societies requirements and under the current SHS constitution (*)

  • membership subscription fees are due at the beginning of the year. Membership is deemed to have lapsed if a member fails to have settles his/her membership subscription for one year.
  • membership is open to Sarawak residents (ordinary membership) and Sabah or Peninsular Malaysia residents (affiliate membership).

(*)  a revision of the 2016 constitution is under consideration


Bank account references:

Account name: Sarawak Heritage Society

Bank : Maybank (Kuching Selatan)

Account 511234118858



  • Additional bonus for members who joined and settled one year membership under the membership drive promotion in 2014 (started on 25/06/2014) : membership is considered to run until end of 2015.
  • Similarly, 3 years membership fees subscribed in the second half of 2014 covers membership until end of 2017.
  • For members who had settled 2014 annual dues of RM 100 (previous rate) before the membership drive promotion, membership subscription is considered to run until end of 2015 i.e. the reduced annual rate was retroactive to 1 Jan 2014.